Heart Attack!

I nearly had a heart attack just now!

I've taken to doing a fast walk (about 2km) after work each day, and today decided to walk to the local graveyard and back (where my mom is buried). You may remember I've determined to capture a "ghost" with my digital camera - as that seems to be the medium (scuse the pun) they show up in the most. And haven't had any luck yet.

So I'm standing in the graveyard, and remember that all the ghost hunting sites say you're supposed to "give them permission" so they'll show themselves on film. Well, I'm willing to try anything once, so under my breath I say "come out, come out, wherever you are", so softly that I can't even hear it - but I hope them ghosts would.

And suddenly, from behind the tree next to me, is this huge throat-clearing coughing sound!

I nearly fell over the gravestone with fright!!!

After I'd picked up my nerves, I walked forward - and there, on a wall behind the tree (adjoining a house next door) is a guy sitting plastering the wall. It was him!

So now I can't stop laughing. I seriously nearly collapsed! :)

But I'll get my ghost - and hopefully not die in the attempt.


Well, the photos are downloaded - and still no ghost! But I managed to capture my "real" ghost on film - here he is on the wall in the background.