I must be getting old.

I don't see the point of Virtual Reality, when you can have Real Reality instead.

I start raising an eyebrow when the majority of the population spends all their time on their devices, oblivious to the world around them.  I don't get the quest for the latest upgrade, the brag-right wars of brands, or the bigger and better (or smaller and better).  I especially don't get their price tags.

I look at our neighbouring "professional gamer" and wonder why anyone would want to spend their days sleeping / do a 3am Burger King every night / live in a virtual hole with a computer and a bed but not much else.

Neighbours having a party?  By 11 I'm hoping they shut up and go to bed.

Reckless driving?  Nope, I'm becoming the speed-limit-sticker-to, who gives you the evil eye if you drive like a doos.  (Though I do ensure I get up to that speed limit at a respectable pace, with due consideration for others on the road)

Night out?  Less noise please, more quiet eclectic experiences - no doef-doef or dragging yourself home drunk as the birds start chirping.

Night in?  Preferable.

I'm watching my health, what I eat, what I drink, how much I sleep.  I'm choosing natural over artificial, whether food, medicine or just living.  Dumbing down my preferences to the purest and simplest forms available.  

I'm getting more and more cynical about the whoring habits of one of our friends, the religious habits of many of our friends, and the quest of most of the planet to integrate themselves with things that track them, call them, watch them, and do stuff they should bloody well be doing for themselves.

I'm valuing the handcrafted, the lasting, the lost-art living skills more and more.

I'm increasingly concerned about our planet, our resources, and how to be self-sufficient.  I may just hit a stranger one of these days for littering or leaving the water running.

I'm developing strong opions on things that didn't used to matter - but have also learnt to keep my mouth shut.

And I'm really looking forward to retirement.