All Hail the Spur!

On Friday I scraped a few bucks together, told my son we were aiming for the cheap menu items, and headed down to our favourite family restaurant, the Spur at the mall.

We're regulars there on Fridays and paydays. I've eaten there since I was in high school - we'd order a large plate of chips and a drink each, and share the chips among however many we were, as "poor students".

My son has eaten there since he could chew solid food - his first taste of ice-cream was at the same Spur. When they put in a games area, he was in heaven!

Well, we ate frugally, and enjoyed our meal as usual, then requested the bill so we could rush off to the rest of the shopping.

However, our waiter (or "waitron" as they're called these days) came back to say, "The manager says the bill has been taken care of"!!!! Wow - am still blown away by that one a few days later!

It could be that we've qualified for our thousandth meal free, or that we're such regular customers that we've earned it, but I like to think that the manager did this out of the goodness of his heart - and for that I thank him!

So, all hail the Spur, and manager Brad. Long may they continue to feed our faces.