Faith without Works

I've been horrified lately at the way my weight seems to be growing out of control. Although I haven't gained anything in the past few months, I'm still 20kg heavier than I was when I sat down at a desk job 9 years ago. There's something to be said for the exercise involved in cheesemaking and chasing cows around a dairy farm!

I know what's needed. Better nutrition and more exercise.

Right now my fridge is stocked with a wonderful variety of fruit, though the veggies are on the lean side (not quite sure what to make with many of them, so they get left off the shopping list). I'm trying to eat it all. I've brought some apricots for a mid-morning snack, as I find if I have one I make it up the hill better at lunchtime, and can concentrate more while working.

I'm doing well on the water intake - there's a bottle on my desk that gets refilled a few times a day.

But exercise is a major issue. I sit at a desk all day, I walk a short hill home at the end of it. I'm too tired in the evenings to do more than stand and make supper, then veg in front of the TV. I keep telling myself I'll do some of those leg-exercise things while watching a daily programme - and then only remember I wanted to as the credits roll!

I've sorta been praying for help. Kinda wanting miracles. But when God wakes me up at 5:30 on the dot every morning, and throws the thought in my head that I need to get walking up the mountain, I turn over and try for another hour's sleep. Got all sorts of excuses - late night last night, not safe to walk on my own, don't want to bother anyone else out walking by having to grab my dogs as they pass....

Faith without works. It's dead.

There's an old saying "God helps those who help themselves". Perhaps not entirely accurate in every situation, but pretty spot-on in this one. How can you pray for weight-loss help, then never get around to doing anything about it? How can you take the offered opportunity and just reject it, yet still hope for a "miracle"?

Time to practice the works, and keep the faith.

You see, a year ago, on my 32nd birthday, I determined that this would be the year to:

* regain my "sexy" figure instead of looking like a dumpling
* get control of the trichotillomania - found to be triggered by many things, including a lack of exercise, lack of sufficient sleep, and too much coffee!
* regain my self-confidence
* get out of my shell and walk tall once again

None of which has happened, other than I got out of my shell online by starting a blog! Perhaps that's why I don't feel like celebrating my birthday this year....?

Anyway, back to the faith/works thing. It takes effort. It takes sacrifice - of sleep in this case, and of laziness. It's not something that just happens. Practice makes perfect, and all that.

Tomorrow morning, if those pesky dogs try rip the duvet off me at precisely 5:30 again, I have to get up. And walk. I'm too fed-up with myself not to.