Generally Peeved

I'm not in the best frame of mind today.

You see, yesterday we were officially informed there is no cash for bonuses this year. It's not something we didn't know - we've been told about this for months already. The good news is that by mid-next-year we'll get a 50% or more bonus, with another at the end of the year - just not one right now.

That's got a lot of people very, very hot under the collar. They moaned yesterday, and they're continuing their moan campaign today.

And that's what's got me peeved.

I don't rightly care about the bonus. I wasn't hanging my hopes on getting one, though it would be nice to have. I am paid every month, and have planned on working with what I normally get - even though I somehow have to find 6 thousand bucks to pay my son's schooling in advance for next year by the end of January.

But what REALLY peeves me is that the moaners are those that DON'T have to pay school fees (their kids are grown and gone), earn a lot more than I do, have a spouse earning the same so two salaries coming in, and are still unhappy!

Geez people, wake up! You have it good - and if you choose to live beyond your means, that's your CHOICE! Don't count on cash that wasn't promised to you, and get your act together, for goodness sake.

Not that I'm doing particularly well financially, but I'm not going to break my head over something if it's not going to make a blessed difference to the situation.

My Christmas is low-key this year. Gifts are hand-made with love and time as part of the gift. I'm not going overboard on spending or going deeper into debt for stuff that won't last beyond this earth's history anyway. I've planned ahead, I've put a bit aside in my "emergency box" in case food runs out along with cash before the next payday arrives. I've planned for any travel I might do, and made a small provision for other emergencies.

Sure, it would be nice to have that extra bit. It would be nice to know I won't have to watch the budget. But it's not going to happen, so I've accepted it and moved on.

At yesterday's meeting I was the only one who dared to put up my hand and say thanks for planning to give us something later on. The rest sat in stony, angry silence.

And this morning, just outside my office, the chief complainer told a colleague (loudly) that "some people" are naive and deluded in accepting this situation or saying thanks. Guess who he was talking about.

OK, now I feel better - got it off my chest! But if someone starts up on this again I might start slamming doors and grinding teeth again...

Grow up, people! Life is more than money. Sort out what you're giving to others (not only financially, but in terms of your attitude and behaviour) before you gripe about what you're not getting.

Heck - go stare at the stars a bit and realize just how petty this is.