In the Pool

Just received notice from the Australian Immigration folk that my application has been chucked into the pool to swim for 2 years. Can be reviewed within 70 days, but will be left doggy-paddling until the time is up.

I guess that clarifies where we stand! Loren will still be trying to get the application approved on compassionate grounds (my mom's cancer is not going away, if anything it's going to be another long uphill battle ahead).

In a way, it's a relief to know where I stand right now. It gives me a time-frame to plan within, and it's no longer all up in the air. I can go forward for at least the next few months, knowing that we're here, and knowing what needs to be done while we are.

It's also disappointing, in a way. I mean, we DID apply after all, and were hoping they might have "mercy on our souls". But no-one said cracking the invisible barrier keeping one out of another country was going to be easy. I didn't expect it to be plain sailing.

So now I breathe a deep breath and take the next step/s to make our life here count.