Procrastination Princess

I would say I'm the Queen of procrastination, but not quite. I CAN get things done, but today I'm a Procrastinating Princess - and have been for most of this week.

You see, I have 2 weeks before I'm officially on holiday until the end of the year. (However, suffering from an over-inflated sense of duty, I will be stopping by the office regularly to check on my "babies" - new students - and see if anyone needs help) And within those two weeks I have a gigantic and complicated web site to design, from scratch, teaching myself Flash etc as I go, and using a programme I'm barely-knowlegeable with.

Guess what I'm stuck on? The design of the first page, the index. Yes, that's what's holding me back. I can't picture what I want, so I'm not doing anything!

Pretty sad, actually. :)

Today I have to finalize it. I have to get the basic CSS file done and start creating the site structure. I have blank folders awaiting information and graphics, but that's about it.

I've also been procrastinating on the Birthday thing, coming up next Saturday. Last night I finally decided I'll attempt a mid-afternoon "tea" with sweet delights and a bit of bubbly stuff to drink. I'm hoping to host it in the nature reserve, provided it doesn't rain, as my place is WAY too small. If it does rain I'm stuck.

But it's a bit late to be sending out fancy little invites. It's next weekend for goodness sake! I may have to do the email thing instead of what I'd hoped to....

I often find that when I have too much to do I just get so overwhelmed that I don't do a blessed thing - and that's what's happened this week. It's graduation at this institution in 2 days, complete with the rush to get everything done. Staff are on edge and students are trying to get home. And I still have so many other things to do besides the website.

So instead of working, I blog. Instead of designing, I stare out the window and think. Instead of gathering information, I fiddle with things that don't need fiddling with.

Gotta get past this roadblock!