"Almost" believe

This could be the last year he "almost" believes...

He's 11 now, and well aware that mom and other people buy, wrap and place the presents under the tree. And yet.... what about that Christmas stocking that so mysteriously fills with goodies overnight?

This Christmas eve was spent sleeping over at his uncle's house. We took the stocking with us, and left a note for Santa that we were in Cape Town. Neither of us were used to sleeping in a home that fronts a busy street, where security firms and late-night revellers race up and down all night. We were not used to the bright lights and regular police sirens. We didn't get much sleep.

In fact, my son was convinced he was awake the entire night.

And yet, he says, he never saw Santa drop off a filled stocking of goodies right beside his head during the night. He didn't hear a thing (I sneak well!) nor see Santa drop by.

He is almost convinced Santa still makes his rounds. But later said "it's funny how Santa dropped off all the stuff I showed you in the toy shop". Gears turning in that bright mind. Perhaps the "Santa was probably making notes" excuse covered it.

And yet....

This could be the last year he "almost" believes.