Certain things are really grating on me while I'm on this "break from religion".

Like being addressed as a "fellow believer" - fellow believer in what? The way it was put, it was assumed I'm a fellow believer in all that the other fellow believes in. Surprise - I'm not! We may have some basics that line up, but I differ from you in a whole lot of other things.

And another one: "friends in Christ". Yes, we're all in Christ together, and we probably should be friends, but currently we may not be - especially since you are calling me that to get on my good side after treating me in a decidedly un-Christian manner just a few moments ago.

"You Christians" - add that to the list. I don't like being lumped together and generalized, particularly when this phrase is usually followed by something very negative, which it's pretty certain I don't subscribe to. If I do, I'm probably trying to change it as we speak.

"Us (insert appropriate denomination here) believe/act/live/do..." - no, we don't all believe/act/live/do that. And if you keep emphasizing that we should, implying that we're all automatons on autodrive, I feel even less like I belong here than I already do.

"Come experience a spiritual high-light and growth in Jesus!" - can you guarantee that? Because for the past year or so church meetings have drained my spirituality and left me more and more Jesus-less. I've found more of Him outside those gatherings. But hey, if you have the answer, by all means share it and I may just turn up.

Maybe a serious lack of sleep has something to do with feeling bugged by these today. Between the searing heat at night and the howling wind, rest is rest-less, sleep elusive. Over-tired headaches form quickly and easily.

I may not mind these labels and phrases tomorrow.