Everything Except the Website

Sometimes my parents worry me - no, make that scare the heck out of me!

Ever since they moved to Australia, mom's been telling me things like "I met the nicest young man at church today - he lives on Sydney harbour, is a firefighter, and drives a yellow convertible" - and she's not admiring him for HER sake....

I keep getting photos of random blokes they know, in my age range, or descriptions of "fresh talent". One of the recent ones fortunately remarried a few month ago - hope mom crossed him off her little list.

On Christmas day they had a number of young folk over for lunch, those who were without families. A couple, a young lady, and three 30-something single blokes. They promptly started passing my photo around - not just my parents, but the couple and the single lady too!!!! And dad says that after this, every time he mentioned me in some or other context, the three guys would look at each other and smile.


Starting to think moving to Australia is not going to be a good idea. They've advertised me so widely to "nice young men" that I'm not going to be safe anywhere! And it's only for lack of tech know-how that they haven't yet set up a website...