Feng Shui at Work

It's working! Since I rearranged my office along feng shui principles (sorta) things have been mellow here. (Yeah, that's a nice big chunk of rose quartz under my monitor - a much bigger one keeps the front door at home from slamming against the table holding the fishtank.)

Outside the door there are some seriously bad vibes as a number of staff are strong-armed into swapping positions and doing jobs they don't want to. There's major tension, some crying in the bathrooms, and a lot of incredulity at the lack of either logical thinking or concern for how the people involved feel.

But this side of the door all is peace and goodwill. So far. Sure, I've been given a ridiculous talk by one of the bosses in recent days, but that happened outside this space. Once in here, in my little feng shui cocoon, there's "good energy flow" and all that stuff. Stress-free, working well.


Seems feng shui doesn't work against that p'd off feeling after all. Was just informed I'm "getting a reputation for saying no". Well if they only knew my sordid past, they'd be glad I can say no now! :)

But anyway - it came as a result not of me saying no, but me questioning something entirely logical - a time-management issue of not being able to be in two places at once.

You see, the receptionist has resigned, the bosses don't want to fork out a replacement salary, so now we're all expected to chip in at least 3 hours per week on switchboard/reception - over and above what we do day-to-day. And what I questioned is how I'm going to be able to do that, AND personally register 150 new students (for which I need an entire office of files and info, along with my computer and specific network access, and the nextdoor photocopier). At which stage I got told of my apparent reputation.

I don't know how I'm getting such a reputation, as I say yes to many, many extra duties I'm not supposed to - or get them pushed on me by people higher up the food chain. I'm more than slightly peeved right now by these wonderful perceptions folk seem to hold.

But I completely do not plan to be a doormat. Sure, I'll do my part, but I'd like to know the logic behind how I'm supposed to manage for that single week when I have to register everyone! And then later in the semester when I'm supposed to be teaching in addition to reception and usual work duties.

Anyone know some sort of crystal I can stick in the doorway that might create logical thought for visitors on entry? :)