Help a Pastor Write a Sermon

I received this by email from my dad this morning, and asked if I could put it on my blog for your input:
I am preparing to preach this coming weekend on the role of Bible Study for spiritual growth. One of my major challenges is to accept that works for me won't work for everybody! So, believing that you see things from a different perspective to me and that you will approach Bible Study from a different angle, I am asking your help. Share with me how you study the Bible in a way that helps you grow your spiritual life. I would like in turn to share what you send me with my congregation, knowing that what helps you will help someone else. That way, you can bless many people with the blessings you have received!

Thank you for your interest in being part of this.
Garth Bainbridge

If you would like to help, email him at garthbain at pnc dot com dot au. Thanks!