Never-ending story


Just received yet ANOTHER letter from the Australian immigration department, who have in hand my migration visa application, and have stuck it in the pool for the next 2 years. (hope it doesn't drown or get overly wrinkled while in there)

Now it seems my assurers do not earn enough money to give assurance of support, and I must "please find another one immediately". Oh joy. All I have are those 2 assurers, being my parents, and if their combined salaries are not enough, then the only thing I could hope for is some sort of extremely wealthy sugar-daddy! Wonder if any sheep barons are interested in a foreign girl? :)

However, Loren is still working at alternatives to get me there, bless his heart. He's a dear old chap who has connections all over the place, and is making the best use of them. I have 70 days from mid-December to appeal the pool process, and he's working at it. On my own I cannot appeal - no real grounds, as I've given them all I can possibly manage.

This is beginning to sound very much like a firmly-shut door. I only wish I knew how firmly shut it was, so I could get on with things here....