Post-spending post (mail)

It's started - all those lovely little envelopes, offering cash loans and financial plans, aimed at the over-spenders and deep-debters left after the Christmas season.

Fortunately I am not one of them. And also fortunately, I'm intelligent enough to know that borrowing MORE money is not exactly going to solve any financial difficulties you're currently in.

Also fortunately, I've been planning ahead to make sure I can cover my son's school fee payments in advance, as much as possible. Which leaves me cash in the bank (at least in one account) and enough for any emergencies that may arise. And eliminates the monthly exorbitant fee that's crippled us in 2004.

And even MORE fortunately, I hold signing power on my dad's account here, which is pretty well-stocked at the moment... :) But I will not be delving into that at all.

I mentioned in a previous post how this year started out feeling more hopeful than normal. That includes the financial aspects of the upcoming year. I feel that this is the year where we'll finally get back on our feet after a few very, very heavy blows in the past. The year where we can start living, instead of just surviving. Where we can save a bit, have a social life, even travel now and then (day-trips, not months away).

To actually happen it will have to start with a bit of sacrifice, but I'm not new to that. It will involve some planning and goal-setting, and no more random spending of cash in the wallet (something I'm rather prone to do if I don't watch myself). I'll be selling off a garage-full of things we don't use, or giving stuff away - decluttering the life, so to speak. The car is sorted out, the house lacks for nothing. We're going to do well this year, I can feel it. More so if that business of mine takes off.

So you can stop sending me those little offers of extra cash now, thanks.