Random Mini-Thoughts

* Life is all about keeping and letting go, opening the hands and closing them, choosing one path or another, letting some things slide while you focus on others. Either get used to it and go with the flow, or prepare to go insane.

* There's more to a lawn than meets the eye. Just ask the huge flock of starlings gathered there this morning, intently picking between the blades for something I was not aware lived there.

* A lack of silence can wear one down little by little, like water dripping onto stone. And yet silence is very hard to come by. Have you ever noticed the "background" sounds that surround you every second of the day - like the hum of the computer, or someone's aircon, or the sound of constant traffic, or distant conversation? Even the silence of night can be deafening when you take notice of the noises your ears generally choose to ignore.

* Money is really just numbers. Nothing more.

* This amused my son, gleaned from the internet or somewhere: "Many years ago, people thought the moon was made of cheese. Then they landed there and found it was just rock and dust. That's what happens when you leave cheese out too long."

* It's amazing how the body remembers. The sound of low-flying jets and distant sirens still give my heart a stab of fear after growing up in the war years in Zimbabwe, even though I was never really traumatized by the experience. For us it was just the way things were - not like others who were older and lived through the same time, who still suffer greatly. This morning a psychologist friend popped in and was amazed to hear my reaction as a plane passed overhead - and says that it's our body's way of protecting ourselves, even when our brains say our fear is illogical. It's not easy to get rid of.

* Chocolate. I definitely need chocolate. And yet, I'm losing weight slowly but surely (have cut out suppers completely and just have a warm milk drink in the evenings), so I'm not sure I dare...

* Things that make me sad: child solders, elderly and forgotten, polluted rivers, being too busy to live.

* It's a miracle how a tiny cell can grow into such a huge creature as my son has become! Did I really give birth to a kid that can grow to that size? Amazing!

* Follow your passion now, no matter how many "but"s you can find, or regret it forever.

* Ever people-watched and noticed how many forms humans come in? Ever stopped random strangers to ask their thoughts? (thanks to saint for the link!)

* I'm mid-morning hungry. But I don't think I could ever imagine the type of hunger that makes your belly swell, or just plain not having food to eat for weeks. I don't ever want to have to.

* Did you know that you can cure a headache by pinching hard on that web of skin & muscle between your thumb and index finger? Where it hurts to pinch is where you need to - and voila! the headache will disappear. (Note to self: investigate other pressure points when time allows. You KNOW all that natural healing stuff has always interested you.)

Regular blogging will resume once the rush at work is over.