Getting into Community

Up here on our hill, hidden behind the campus security gates, one can live in a cloistered little ingrown community forever. Literally. We have a pre-school, primary school, high school, college, 3 churches - and a gravyard. You can be born and die here, with only a weekly foray into the wider world for groceries.

Pretty stifling at times. Especially if you're "somewhat different" from everyone else, like I am.

I've been thinking of ways my son and I can get into the rest of the community, connect with others, make friends, expand our horizons (though the view from my little flat stretches horizon to horizon).

First step - buy the local newspaper. I'm not one to buy it every week, but it's a good community paper, with loads of info on what the community issues are, what's going on, who's done what and who's planning what. So yesterday I spent a good deal of time going through the articles, ads and smalls.

Second step - get out of our rut. Namely, find something to join instead of just sitting home in front of the box every night. Find places to go instead of just sitting home every weekend.

With that in mind I'm making enquiries about pottery and art classes, thinking of dance lessons, and planning a trip to a grape-treading festival in a nearby town soon. I'm trying to re-connect with old friends outside this closed community who I've lost contact with. I'm hoping to join a fun walk (with dogs and kid) in aid of a local charity. I'm considering picking up litter around a well-loved river (unasked and unorganized officially). I want to find out more about what people are doing for people just down the road, and see if I can help. I'm trying to be more "out there" and less "in here".

And I'm starting to feel a growing excitement at the possibilities! This is going to be way, way cool.