Random Ants

My office is overrun with random ants. You know the type - they wander here and there, exploring feet and papers and the telephone. No long line of little black bodies - just random ants.

I don't know what they're after. There are some that seem to be sipping water from the base of the plants on the windowsill. Perhaps they're thirsty. There are others looking under the keyboard - not many, just one every now and then, that gets up my sleeve or inside my pants-leg and makes me haul it out, semi-dead. I suspect some are dropping off the ceiling, as I just found one on my shoulder!

The only solution would appear to be a layer of insect spray on every surface and under every piece of office furniture. But that could lead to gagging of the worst variety on the fumes...

For now I've resorted to flicking them as far as they'll go with my nail - leaving a smudge of scraped-off nailpolish in their wake.