Reverse Evolution

I'm reading an interesting book at the moment, one of those strange ones that you wonder how many pinches of salt you need to take it with, but interesting nevertheless. It's called "Gods of the new millenium" and provides "proof" that flesh-and-blood gods created us in their image to do their labour. Some of the points that apparently prove this is that evolution would simply take too long for us to end up as intelligent and complex as we are, and the various culture's creation stories seem to indicate we were "cloned" or "genetically engineered" into existance.

OK, so I'm only a chapter or two into the book. I'm up to a fascinating look at various ancient sites that show a high level of technology in their ruins, like precision cutting of hard stone, which simply would not be acheiveable with stone-age type instruments - and which the author is on the road to using as further proof of "god" intervention in our history. You see, he's trying to tie up the proof with part-evolution and part-creation theories. Sort of a "third option" to the science (Darwinism) and religion (creation) streams.

It's common knowledge that ancient civilizations were highly technological, more than many would like to believe if we base our entire history on having gradually evolved from ape to neanderthal to primitive man to where we are today.

But I have another theory on that one.

You see, I'm a firm believer in a literal 6-day creation by God (at least I think I am, but if I keep reading these books I may end up way off mark! :) ). That He created us in His image as perfect - including using way more of our brains than we do now, being more "advanced" in a lot of areas than today etc. Reading through Genesis, one can see how man gradually lost a long life-span, and the effects of post-Eden living have been cumulative up to today (approximately 6,000 years in my reckoning, not millions).

Call it reverse-evolution if you will. A loss of our God-given height, abilities, intelligence, creativity, longevity, as thousands of years on this planet took their toll. But it explains the highly complex designs and perfect workmanship of the ancients - things we cannot even accomplish with all our fancy technology and civilized machinery today. Instead of evolving into better creatures, we've gone backwards from that perfect creation and are only just making it as apparent lords of the earth today.

I wonder, if I sat down with the author of this book, if he'd consider that point of view at all....