Unlucky Friday

I had one of those weird dreams again last night, the ones that seem completely and utterly real and logical in the middle of the night. But on waking you find them wacky and way-off!

Call it unlucky Friday.

You see, we're closing early today, and that started off my dream. My son's school is just up the road, so I went off to meet him before he had his detention time. He then refused to have a bath (what the?), and the car that I'd parked on the hill started moving without me. Fortunately someone stopped it before it slammed into the boy's dorm. As I got into it to drive home, the entire front corner of the admin building (where I work) caved in. Thankfully, for some reason I had my work computer with me (I hadn't backed it up to the server in a while, so a collapsing building would basically destroy months of work - and yes, I haven't actually backed it up as it is!), so all that mattered in my office was safe - even though the office was now sitting at an angle, with its contents piled against the front wall. On my way home, I was stopped by a fallen tree across the road, too large to clear, too many bits of branches everywhere. So I had to walk home. Only to find my home computer was stuffed (it is, basically). And one of our student's wives had lost her little boy tragically (don't know how, but suspect drowning in the college pool). And the students (currently in 4 busses on their way to camp) had been wiped out in a crash - or was it just one of those busses?

And then some strange bird I've never heard before, but which possesses a voice like the archangel's trumpet, shouted twice as it passed my window, waking me up and sparing me any more disasters!

You'd think today was Friday the 13th, the way the dream played out! But it's not. It's payday, and an early-ending work day, and the weekend, and pizza day, and all sorts of good things. But that didn't seem to penetrate to the deep dark dream recesses of my mind...