Man, I SO want that job!!!

Can you tell the interview went well? :) I'm one of only two applicants, and my chances are pretty good that this will work out. But if not, the recruiting agency wants to keep my details on hand for any future interesting positions.

Without giving too much away, the job is for a local sports group managing one particular genre, and includes all sorts of fascinating duties and major events coverage. It may also include a home internet connection and DSTV (satellite TV) if they REALLY want all they say they want on their website, running at "live coverage" speed...

It's challenging, I'll have a good learning curve ahead if accepted, but it seems flexible enough to allow me a bit of slack to learn and time to be a parent. It will be a complete change from what I'm currently doing - except for the computer side of things I'm doing already.

This is the first of three possible interviews - next up would be managers, and after that board of directors, at which point starting the job would be a formality.

I really, REALLY want this job! But it scares the heck out of me (in a good way) too.