Starstruck Gobsmacked

Ever notice how you can end up feeling like a little puddle in a corner when confronted with someone wiser, more important, bigger, older, more experienced, better looking, better-writing etc. than you?

It happens to me regularly - the latest being a mere 5 minutes ago.

You see, I swiped the quotation in the post below, posted a link - and Wes dropped by my blog before I'd had a good look at his.

So now that I've frantically completed most of what I set myself to do today, I went back to his blog to find out more about the person behind it. And suddenly got that starstruck gobsmacked feeling when I realized that he's not only a Published Author but a Very Important Person who appears to have a Handle On Things and Know What He's Talking About. And if you seek him out on Amazon, you'll find him in the company of other Very Important Folk who write a lot of Books that a lot of people actually Read!

Those kind of folk I immediately place on a pedestal way above Mere Me, and then suddenly they seem so high up that how dare I approach them, let alone swipe stuff off their blogs! :)

Yeah, I know we're all human and all that, but every now and then I still find myself in the presence of a Great Blogger (whether of the Mega, Prolific, Much-Read or just plain Important variety) or a Celebrity (yes, I've met certain local ones and shaken their hands, while quaking in my boots and saying the most stupid stuff you can imagine!), and feel like a worm.

I guess it's just that I look up to folk who Know What They're Talking About, who have Direction and a Purpose and are Important. I tend to be noneoftheabove most days, and completely lose my voice should I be approached by one.

Fortunately though my fingers still can type, and I can hide behind the skirts of the internet to an extent - hence this post.

Now excuse me while I go grovel at a few other Large Blogs (or rather Lurk there, as I would NEVER DARE to actually COMMENT on them!).