"Let not your heart be troubled"

Blogging is likely to be light around here until Wednesday. Not only do I have Monday and Tuesday off, and never blog on the weekends, but I've got a Troubled Heart. Nothing major, just some issues in my head to sort out asap, as well as a slightly flu-ish feeling that isn't making things any better.

I plan to rest up in a big way this extra-long weekend, take time out to finish a thought or two and spend time outdoors (cold front after cold front permitting...!), or just breathe deeply for a while. Clearing the brain, untroubling the heart. I need to gather beauty to surround myself with too, and have a couple of ideas that must be brought to fulfilment.

If you want some things to read, try this (food for thought) or this (not really reading, but more a line-drawing movie, if you will).