Others have churchy thoughts...

While I'm pondering my Big Church Thoughts post (yes, still pondering), I thought I'd point you in the direction of a couple of folk thinking the way I do (links open in new windows):

Bruce asks what the church people see on their way to church - and if it might be better if they stopped and actually looked (or something like that - he says it way better than I could).

Darryl links up to Stupid Church People's thoughts on Pastoral leadership / evangelism stuff. Who also want to know who The Lost are.

Dead Youthpastor Walking gives up and leaves.

Christy asks what can be done for the ordinary poor folk in Africa - and even though I live here I can't find an answer to that one.

Garth's trying to make a Big Difference and needs others to join in the cause.

John tells what Jesus would do, and what we might say to Him as He does it.

Rachelle's constantly doing things I wish I had thought of.

And I still miss Jen Lemen, whose blog gave me hope and direction when I thought I had none.

There's more - so much more! - but that's a start. And you might just start to get an idea of where my thoughts have been heading when I think churchy thoughts from these...