Working for Change

If I haven't been blogging today, it's because I've finally decided not to wait until something in the job line arrives in my lap, but to actually go out and seek it! All my jobs have come looking for me up to now, but probably won't continue in that easy-to-do way.

So I've spent most of the morning posting my CV on everything that looks like a job site locally, and searching their databases to see what's available.

Yesterday I heard, by the grapevine, that some committee voted to move me to the flat next door, without bothering to ask me. Not only is it smaller than mine, it has a tiny garden (my poor dogs!) and gets NO sunshine in any season of the year. Well, I made enough of a stink that someone came sheepishly to me with a letter, indicating that I would be required to move - and I turned them down. Thanks, but no thanks. I'll stay where I am until I can make an off-campus move! Didn't tell them it may be sooner rather than later...

In a way, I'm trying to make myself so fed up with our lack of space that I'll actually be forced to DO something about it - find a new job and move.

It's hard to get out of my comfort zone though, to get out there and sell myself sufficiently that I'll end up not just taking the first thing that comes along, but the BEST thing that comes along. It's a step out of everything I know, and into the great who-knows.

But it's a step I'm taking, at long last.

Funny enough, my dad might be moving jobs too... Our family is starting to sound like one of those square-dance patterns: "all change!" ! :)