It's one of those days where I wish had more hours in the day, and more space in my brain to store stuff. Perhaps a USB port in my head to load info into.

Yet to start Actual Work (other than brief forays into that daunting world), I've been following bread-crumb trails of links and have gone from marketing, to religion, to Katrina's aftermath, to cool little sites and thingamabobs, to creating a passion for learning, to raising kids, to church matters, to... well it just goes on and on.

It's a pity the internet is so huge, so never-ending. And it just keeps getting bigger. Not that that's a BAD thing, but I'd like to say I've reached the end and got all that stuff into my head one day. I know however that I never shall. I'll just keep running to keep up, stuffing the shelves in my brain with info, hoping they don't crack under the strain, absorbing and trusting nothing gets lost.

Perhaps I should limit myself to just one or two areas of info. But I can't. I want to learn more and more, stretch my horizons and discover things I never dreamt of.

Which is why I want a USB cable installed in my skull. Or a WiFi chip in one of the brain lobes that will keep feeding me stuff without the eye-strain (virus-free of course). Or more hours in the day and a super-fast connection.

It's a very good thing we don't have internet at home!