Marketing by word-of-blog

It's the second time it's happened this year. I received an email this morning offering a free copy of a book, and a hopeful request that I'd say something on my blog about it.

Now free books are never to be sneezed at! Especially by such a bibliophile as myself!

So of course I said yes.

But in the back of my brain is the stuff I read yesterday about Rick Warren trying to suppress a book on PyroMarketing - and the principles of PyroMarketing itself. And I wonder if I'm being assimilated by the Borg. Sorry, the Marketing Machine.

Now I certainly don't mind spreading the word if the book is good. Or unspreading it if it's bad. I like to think I can be pretty objective and write a nice book report when push comes to shove. And I most certainly enjoy receiving freebees in the post, especially when they can contribute to already-groaning bookshelves.

So yes, I'm in. Your marketing strategy of targeting bloggers who might like this and spread the word is working. Thanks for assimilating me.