Potential Moocher

I wonder if someone can know in primary school what they want to be - and carry it right through into adulthood?

I sure hope so.

We've got an art-based schooling lined up for my son Jason for high school, he's starting art lessons soon at the same place (part-time), and that's going to determine a career path for him.

He wants to develop computer games and already has ideas percolating in his head. He has figured out animation using PowerPoint and PhotoDraw, and comes up with stuff I honestly don't know how to do myself. All self-taught. I showed him how to start the computer, open a programme, and left him to it. He did the rest!

Right now he's at a friend's place, checking out Maya & Studio Max's animation capabilities. Ok, he's back - and impressed! :)

Ian studied at the Universal Computer Arts Academy in Cape Town, which is where J will hopefully end up. The course is apparently the best you can get in SA.

With a rather expensive high-schooling, and even more so post-schooling, I REALLY hope what he wants to do now is what he'll want to do later...

And the title of this post?

Well, how many computer geeks do you know that still live with their parents in their 30's? Yeah, I know. A lot. :)