Solving Everything

As if I don't have enough neglected blogs under my care, I've been considering adding just ONE more... :)

Sometimes I sit and watch the news, or read something online, or whatever - and think, "hey - I know how to solve that problem!". Got it all figured out, know how to do it, but I'm too far down the food chain to know anyone who knows anyone who can put it into action.

So here I sit, wondering if starting a solve-everything blog might be a way to get the word out there. And if it weren't just me - if anyone could contribute their life-changing, earth-shattering ideas for solving everything - perhaps, maybe, we just MIGHT get someone's attention!

The more practical alternative is to make endless appointments with local government and bend their ear. Practical? Let me rephrase that - make it "improbable".

I wonder if it's already been done? Or will this be a world first?! :)

Whatcha think? Wanna solve stuff?

No - it's not going to be along the lines of what one friend suggested to me, namely, "Feed the Homeless to the Hungry - and you solve both problems at once!" :) We're talking do-able stuff, not cannibalism!

::update 2::
It's online - knock yourself out!