Things I could have said

Today I could have told you that I'm starting to love my house (just in time to hopefully move) - all thanks to our own photos on the walls, a work bench in pine to help corral the toys, and a thorough cleaning on Friday. I could also have told you about the new cordless electric screwdriver bought on sale (the first in my potential Power Tools collection!) and how what I can do with it kept me awake thinking up projects last night.

I could have told you of our first ranunculus and grape hyacinth blooms, or the creature we thought we saw disappear into the lilies (was it a mole, a huge cockroach or something else?).

I could have told you I read an amazing article this weekend (I now want the book). And another that made me terribly sad.

I could have said a lot about the situation in the USA post-hurricane. I could have made a few enemies and a few friends with my opinions - but others have said it all better, anyway (and I'll keep both my friends and my enemies, thanks).

I could have told you I invested in my future first thing this morning and ordered a detailed book on how Flash works, so I have that required skill should I attempt to enter the world of web design as a career. Or should I attempt to make our current website squeeze into this century...

But I decided against it.