Where to from here?

I haven't said much here about New Orleans (or any of the other devestated places in the aftermath of nature's force). I've done a lot of watching and listening as things go from bad, to worse, to hopeful, to horrific and all the way back again. I'm not going to throw in comments about the US government or the response time or the poor and homeless (though I do wonder how many "rich" folk thought to stop by their poor neighbours and offer them car-space while escaping....). I'm not there, and I'm not American.

But I am going to say this - what will happen to the city now? Surely they're not going to rebuild it in the Exact Same Spot once all is cleaned and drained? I mean, we've seen what happens when the walls come down, and this may not be the last time! It wouldn't be too clever to just do it all again, would it?

I can understand the historical significance, the atmosphere and such of that particular spot. But if anyone's thinking logically, they'll rebuild the city a ways back from the water, out of danger of another catastrophe. Or will they? I'm pretty sure any intact historical places could be carefully relocated - it's been done before, to entire castles! And rebuilding elsewhere might give a chance to reorganize the city, to make anew and erase past problems with the old one.

It feels like the world is holding its breath, waiting to see what will happen after the mandatory evacuations, after the water is pumped away, after everyone is relocated and the city stands empty. I know I am.