The "Wider Audience"

I'm having a couple of blog-stat surprises this week - panic, panic! :)

Not only did a women's listserv post a link to "Waxing gone wrong" (and triple my daily stats, which should fall off in a couple of days to the usual trickle of regulars and the inevitable googlers), but now my Solve Everything! blog got mentioned on Netscape News/CNN as a "what people are saying" in response to a story on water storage issues in Missouri - that was posted after my blog post, so they're perhaps a little desperate for links? :)

It's not like I really know anything - I'm just mulling stuff and posting what I think could work as solutions.

Even after nearly 2 years of blogging, I still get a jolt of shock when I realize people might actually want to read what I write - though I'm a total comments-hound, love hearing what folk have to say back to me.

And when my stats shoot through the roof - well, that's just plain FREAKY!