Allow me to show you a body part, although it is not HNT:

This, dear bloggers, is what happens when

1. Your car door locks have never worked, and you've relied on unlocking via the boot (trunk, if you live in an elephant-less country) with a long piece of rebar with a hooked end to reach the back door opening devices. (We like to call it our Hooker...)

2. The boot lock gives up working too, so you are now left either locked-out, or having to leave one of the back doors permanently unlocked (in a society that values car-theives) in order to access the interior.

3. You decide to get it fixed, but discover that it will take a few hundred bucks just to strip and look at. Nevermind fix.

4. So you go home and strip the doors down yourself to find the problem, in the process having to stick your hand up the interior of a few rather sharp pieces of metal to reach various bits and pieces. Not to speak of the spiders who have taken up residence in its dark recesses, the one essential screw whose head is stripped (necessitating manual removal with a pliers), and the various "interesting" things you find inside.

5. Thus bruising your arm. The "cut" stripes from the sharper bits have faded this morning though, or it would be a whole lot less of a pretty picture! :)

And no, the locks are still not fixed. After stripping the entire mechanism, both doors, it seems that it's an Actual Lock problem, and not an issue with any of the wires, bars or springs that make it work. I will be phoning my local Ford dealer later to see what replacing everything's gonna cost...

At least I got ONE thing right though. I successfully replaced a front light bulb that wasn't working, figuring out how as I went along.

Not bad for a blonde.

Seems it's not over yet. There's a funny rattling in the driver's side door, just noticed, which means I get to take the whole thing apart again! But while I'm at it, am going to try get a full set of 2nd-hand locks (all 3 of them) and put them in while the door's in pieces. Only hope I don't make things worse.