The Friggin' Ford

I'm off to hand over my car this morning. It's time to get the door locks fixed, once and for all, so that we can actually lock the thing AND get back in later.

Unfortunately, thanks to a flat tyre on Monday, that's not where my car-related day is gonna end... I have the spare on, but need to fix or replace the flat and get the spare balanced (I keep wondering if the guys that helped me change it tightened the bolts sufficiently, or if it's going to come off while I'm driving!).

With everything that went wrong with the car this week, I've been wondering how on earth I can replace it. Unlike certain countries (USA, Australia), cars aren't cheap here. I hate getting into debt, and I'm not sure my salary is sufficient to warrent a decent car-loan anyway.

It's not that I don't like my car. It goes well, it's comfortable, but it's old - a 1982 model. Granted, I don't have finnicky microchips and electronics that can break. It's all solid, manual-working gadgetry inside and out.

But it can't go on forever. One of these days I'll need a new one. Especially if I have to start commuting to work or getting my son to another school every day.

I feel really financially stuck right now. There are many things that I not only want to do, but NEED to do - and I simply can't, thanks to cash-strapped-ness. Getting my business going so I can make cash is requiring cash, a bit of a vicious circle.

I hate living like this. I wish I could either win the lotto or find a way to make ends meet, quickly.

But for today, it's gonna be hand out more cash and sort out the car. Again.

A mere one hour later, and the locks were fixed - at half the cost I expected! If I'd known it was that quick and cheap, I would have done it years ago....