Losing it

I've got an appointment with the acting megaboss (the real megaboss is in Brazil doing promotion). It's about time we had a cause, and I'm about to suggest one!

You see, CANSA is having a Shavathon again this year, raising money for research and treatment and support of cancer patients. Last year they raised R5,7 million - this year they want to make it R8 million. And, as my mother is a cancer sufferer with a not-very-good prognosis for the future, I reckon this is one cause I should be putting all I can into.

I was going to go it alone, try raise sponsors to shave my head on 4 November. Yes, you read that right. SHAVE MY HEAD. With longish hair (heading half-way down my back), it's a big step. The alternative is to have it colour-sprayed green, but that's hardly dramatic enough to raise significant sponsorship/donations, now is it? Besides, the idea of getting rid of it all and starting from scratch has been rather appealing lately. I'm tired of being "normal" and "expected" and unhappy with my hair.

So this morning I checked out the Shavathon site to see what's involved. And noticed that you can do a corporate thing, at the same time entering a Guiness World Record attempt!

Well, we don't have enough causes around here. Every week the newspaper is filled with OTHER folk doing things, but we're never there. So I thought that perhaps we can take this one up, make it a corporate event, include the high school and primary school on campus, and go for it! We have around 500 people on campus - I'm sure some of those, if not a great majority, will be willing to try it.

So now I've got a meeting with the acting megaboss, to put it to him and see if he will do something about it.

If he won't, I will most definitely do it myself anyway. This is the year not only for change, but for making a difference. And I aim to. I might even challenge you guys to join me or donate! Watch this space!!!

Now if only I can convince my son that shaving my head is a good thing....

Saw the boss, got a tentative OK, and spoke to the primary school. But then the issue of initial funds has come up - we need to pay certain things in advance - and that seems to have put a bit of a spanner in the works. As it would... Still working on it, and trying to get a few answers from the CANSA folk that aren't given on-site. Seems it's slightly more complicated than one would imagine to do this!