Punished for working

How's this for a twist:

It's bosses day. The ladies planned a special luncheon (but left me out of the planning) for the bosses, which was to take place at 11. I happened to hear about it "by the way", was ordered to attend as an afterthought, but simply couldn't. You see, I had 4 visa letters to get done and through to the country of origin for new students before 1:00, and it wasn't going to be easy.

Well, at 12:45 I see all the ladies packing up and leaving. Apparently, those who took off 2 hours for lunch were also given the afternoon off (which I now hear they twisted the bosses arms for)! And those of us who couldn't attend because we were Working (which we're paid to do, and some of us suffer from an over-inflated sense of duty), don't get off.

How weird is that?

I'm actually laughing, not complaining. It's the kind of thing you just have to shake your head about and shrug off.

With all the women gone, it's nice and quiet around here. I'm getting even more done than if they were at work, because there's no-one popping in to ask my help or whatever. And I honestly have so much to do this afternoon (including dropping my son at art classes), that I wouldn't have taken off anyway.

There's only one other lady here, who is preparing for a big meeting this afternoon, and she can't understand it either. She WAS at the luncheon, but has chosen to do her duty and make sure all is organized.

So here the two of us sit, kippies on a klip. The best thing about it? It's extremely hot outside - and we have aircon*! :)

*Unless you're wealthy, houses in SA are not generally heated/cooled, so if you're not in a shopping centre or office, you sweat.