After a rough week, I find myself sitting before the computer screen, utterly emotionally and physically exhausted.

I've had so much going on in my head and around me that needs sorting through and working out, that I've been run ragged inside. And what goes on in the mind affects the body too.

Usually Sabbath is a day of rest for me. Recovery from the week, revitalizing for the one ahead. But somehow this week my brain refuses to let go of everything and just be still. Thoughts are still swirling, playing on emotions that are already stretched thin. I find myself in tears suddenly, then laughing.

Perhaps I need silence, time out, sleep - and some proper food? I just haven't had the energy required to do anything properly. I'm hungry, but can't eat. Tired, yet can't sleep.

And so saying, I think I'll go take an early-afternoon nap. One of the best things I could probaly do! :)