"Home" sick

I just had a lengthy call from my dad. And suddenly I'm homesick for a place that's never been my home.

I guess I enjoyed my stay in Australia (this time last year!) way too much. I just seemed to fit in so well there, to the culture, the lifestyle, the friendships. I loved the food, the places, the people. And it doesn't help that today is not one of those good days. It's a day when I want out of my life, my existance, my rut.

Instead of being where I am, I suddenly find myself wanting to shop at Hornsby mall (though our local one is better), to eat Kebabs at Manly Wharf (though we have a Spur lunch coming up), to go to church at dad's church (there's nothing here I can compare it to), to hang out with dad and our friends there, to wake up to the darn kookaburra outside, or the sounds of cockatoos overhead.

I miss it, though I was only there briefly.

Very strange, this feeling is....