The more I find out, the more I like this whole open-source thing that's cropping up all over the place. I'm fascinated by the ability to create super things oneself (provided you're not an idiot), motivated completely by your particular needs. And then share them with the world for tweaking, improvement and use.

And suddenly I wish I could split myself into a couple of parts, to learn everything I don't seem to have the time to as a single person. Sure I could sacrifice my eyesight and sleeptime by sitting up all night on the computer. But not thanks.

The thing is, open source is so varied, so deep and high and wide, that the tempting snippets I occasionally grasp seem insignificant. I'm just not getting enough knowledge and info to satisfy my curiousity and let me get at it to play.

Yet the world seems to be moving in that direction, and I need to keep up. Think OSOffice, Web 2.0, innumerable computer programmes - and many, many non-computer products made better by the people, for the people. All it takes is a bit of out-of-the-box thinking and off you go! Solving the world's irritations, one open-source goody at a time. Heck, even musicians have done it - encouraging their fans to record live events and share them with their friends. Movie guys have done it - getting bloggers to help write scripts and tweak them. Wind-surfing guys have done it - adding improvments to the basics to change the entire way the sport functions. Free collaborration abounds, and the world is better because of it. Take an open-source product, add your unique skills and perspective, and it only improves. Or make your ideas, your carefully-created goodies freely available - even your art...

It's all about sharing, giving, living with open hands and mind.

I like, I seriously like. (and I'm becoming geekier by the day... :) )

I still know next-to-nothing, and it's driving me nuts. So if I go off in the wrong direction, leave me to blush later in peace when discovered... :)