Saturday night out

I had to get out of the house. Had some thinking to do and this sudden urge for Spur chips. So I left the (old enough at last!) kid to his own devices on the computer, climbed in the Friggin'Ford and headed for the mall.

It's sad, really, this thing I do when I have nothing to do. Basically nothing, in other words. I'm terribly unimaginative these days!

So I wandered the mall, drooled over jewellery in Swish, popped in at 2 bookstores, examined the movies advertised, then got a table for one at the Spur to people-watch.

Here's what I discovered while sitting and pondering:
* All the good men are taken. Most of the bad ones too.
* However, there were at least 3 men of the non-dodgy variety who went to buy single movie tickets, whom I would not have minded accompanying.
* It's going to take more than an hour at the Spur to sort out my head.
* My night vision sucks.
* There's an awful lot of unsupervised kids in the mall...
* Winter has arrived. And I remembered that the car doesn't possess a heater.