Sometimes I have to wonder what thought processes have been bubbling along unnoticed below the surface of my brain. I've heard it said that dreams are your mind's way of sorting through all your worries of the day, while the rest of you sleeps. But if that's true, then I have some very strange worries!

Last night I seem to have gone from one extreme to the other in dreamland. I dreamt of the Landy (an obvious worry - still to hear back), I dreamt they'd cut down a row of huge pine trees near hear (what?), I dreamt I married my brother for the second time (hello??) and I seem to have dreamt a rather long journey, entertwined with all sorts of strange situations.

Sometimes I wish I had a recorder of some sort in the head that I could call up in daylight hours, project all those weird images from my dreams on a wall - and sit aghast in wonder at what's been going on.

Today is one of those days. I'd love to see the things from start to finish, and try find out just what the heck I've been thinking! :)