Feed the Birds

Meet Jackie Hanger, our local begger.

Being not exactly hungry for lunch, I decided on a cheese sandwich and sat down to munch it on my bed. I've got a marvellous view out the window, and was watching the clouds swirl by.

This little beast flew right up and landed on the windowsill, a mere half-metre away, begging for bread!

My own fault I guess. I chuck it crusts every now and then. Except this time there was a heap of bread outside - but the fowl decided the bulbulls could have that, it wanted what I was having.

It's gotten really cheeky lately though. Every time I appear outdoors with bread in my hand, it flies up to within a metre and begs. Stares at me with its beady little eye, head cocked to the side, waiting for a crust. Geez! Can't even enjoy the great outdoors in peace anymore.. :)

Well, being the kindhearted individual I am, I snipped off a bit of bread and stuck it just outside the glass. Within seconds, without even waiting for me to retreat, he was there (yes, it's a he - a she would have reddish patches under the wings. His grandma was the first of a long line of unafraid bird beggers..). Snatched up his treat and off he went.

Crazy bird.