Wild Partying!

My son turns 13 this week. We had his birthday party yesterday - an invitation to 18 pre/teen boys to invade our space and party like there's no tomorrow.

Believe me, we did!

We decided that with all those hormones flowing and that particular age group, the best idea would be a big fat water-gun fight. So the invites said "dress in camo, bring your water gun and a towel", and we went from there.

To start with I had them run around an obstacle course in the forest to win a bar of choc. That tired them out a bit, but didn't prevent them from getting at each other with their water guns. So back at the house, I set up 2 teams and let them at it.

It was a battle to the death! Not one came back dry, and at least one came back downcast after some violent water behaviour. By that time my brothers, their wives and one nephew had arrived. After the kids had had their ration packs (brown bags with carefully-doled-out snacks, to prevent the usual snatch & grab), they were off again, this time with uncles involved.

And then the uncles got a brilliant idea. My kid had the most awful mop of hair, which I've been trying to cut for weeks. They hauled out the clippers, sat him down and gave him a mohawk. Then let his friends spray him soaking wet! Poor kid. Wasn't happy at that part.

They finally took off the mohawk, leaving him with the same style they have (all gone), minus the receding hairlines. So at least that's done!

In the meantime, I was multitasking - cooking lunch for the relatives, over and above party food.

By the time the last boys left and the relatives were done, I was completely exhausted, footsore, voice going. But it was a roaring success. Parents today and yesterday said their boys totally loved it.

Yay! :)

(pics later)