Crazy Fowl...

Remember jackie hanger, the "begging" bird I blogged about a week or so back?

At lunchtime today I walked into my room, and the darn thing flew right up to the window again, begging for food. I thought I'd be kind, and went to get a crust of bread to put on the outside windowsill. When I got back it had come inside the window! Sitting there, looking at me, right in the middle of the sill - but decided it should rather be on the other side of the glass as I approached. That, of course, led to a flurry of flapping against the glass as it tried to get out and couldn't. Eventually it headed toward a window that was open a crack - at which point the Curious Dog jumped onto the nearby table and attempted to eat it! Between dog jaws, fluttering wings and a window that struggled to open, I finally got it out.

Geez. Birds!

Fearless too. A few minutes later it was back outside, begging. Gave it a piece of cooked macaroni, which it chewed on, and that seems to have kept it happy.

Until next time....