Just my luck...!

I had an eye appointment today, to replace my contact lenses for another year. I like my annual appointments, because I have a gorgeous optometrist called Tyrone (I seem to have this thing for Ty's...).

So I happily turned up at Specsavers. Only to find Ty gone. He's moved to Nelspruit (darn) with his wife (DARN) and kids (Extra Darn!). Sigh.... :)

His replacement is excellent though. Not in the good-looking and available way, but in that he really knows his job. He did a thorough examination, gave me a lot of helpful suggestions, even listened to me go on about eye exercises (which may not work for me - it may not be a muscle problem!). He had stock of a lens solution I thought had gone off the market too. All in all, a very good appointment.

I had to drive home sans lenses (how exhilirating! wonder if the other traffic knew they were in danger) thanks to a yellow dye used to check the moisture of my cornea. But now I'm sporting a test pair of extra-juicy lenses and will check the script back with them next week for a final diagnosis.

Would have been nicer if Ty was there though... :)