Lapping it up

I acquired a laptop this weekend - an old one with a very small hard drive, granted, but a laptop nevertheless. It needed a partition wipe and re-install, a couple of upgrades (48 security updates for WinXP!) and a few installations to get going.

But what a difference it makes to have one!

I can now sit in my bed and type. Or blog at midnight without waking the kid (our desktop is right near his bed, and has a rather noisy processor). Or watch movies in my room (it has a DVD drive) - movies the kid wouldn't enjoy, but which I would (and he can watch something else in the other room). I can even surf the net without first having to chuck the kid off the computer! I haven't yet checked if the battery will continue to function when it's not plugged in, but the portability is wonderful. I can sit out in the sun, and still be online.

This morning I had an email to send to a colleague that they needed to get before I would arrive at work. No problem - no lengthy wait for the other machine to start up. The laptop did it quickly. Email sent, computer off again, no problem.

A new age has dawned in our abode. The age of the Laptop.