Monday Musings

Morning everyone! Thus dawns another Monday.... Though I've renamed the days of the week - Friday, Saturday, Ty-day (in honour of the only TV programme I'm watching these days, Extreme Makeover Home Edition :) ).

So... a couple random thoughts for this rainy and very cold Monday morning.

* We're on a capped bandwidth thing for our internet access here. I COMPLETELY blew my limit yesterday for the first time - and discovered just how easy it is to do so in the process. Those podcasts I mentioned yesterday? Well, I had to come in to do some work for a promotional drive - and while here I thought I'd have a few tunes. I started downloading podcasts... and just as I finished all I'd come to accomplish, the bandwidth ran out! Eish... OK, I've learnt my lesson. No more random downloading, not unless I want no internet access for the rest of the day.

* As cold as it is outside, there are signs of Spring all around. The almond and peach trees are starting to bloom, sunny weather brings out masses of pink flowers on every patch of grass. There's an occasional breath of warmth in the day and the sun's definitely getting up earlier - though we still don't always see it in the day. My arums are blooming en mass - a beautiful sight indeed. One of these days we'll be hankering back for the cool nights of winter, just to get some sleep in the heat of summer - but for now, we eagerly look for every little sign of Spring.

* This is my last week of work before 4 weeks of holiday! Boy, do I have a lot to get done.... While on leave I'm always tended to indulge my over-inflated sense of duty and Work, but I'm going to avoid that as much as I can this time.

* The timing is perfect for Olivia's arrival too - she's being roadworthied this week, and then we can finally start the hand-over process. Her adventurous owner is, however, currently somewhere in the Alps doing earth-friendly stuff for a week, so things will move along at the pace they're meant to.

* I've ordered two marvellous books - The Teenage Liberation Handbook and Manhood. Both are aimed at giving my son a better future (once I've read them myself). I've heard great things about both, and hope they live up to their reputations!

Well, the day needs doing. Later, peeps...