Ingrained Grease

If you were to meet up with me last weekend, you would find me smelling of Woman. This weekend however I'm smelling of fuel, oil, dust and Landy.

We were in Cape Town with family the whole day yesterday, so today was the first chance I had to really go over my new ob/posession from one end to the other. She's parked in a place where I wouldn't see much at night, so daylight hours are all I have.

This morning I did just that. I looked in every nook and cranny, I peeked into ammo boxes and excellently made built-in storage. I tested locks and keys (boy, are there a LOT of locks! :) ). And got my hands around the fuel filter - hauling it out to see if that's where the fuel starvation problem is coming from. I found a filter literally filled with fine dusty fuel-mud! It did its job... but could only do so much. Tomorrow I find a replacement, and then see if that helps matters or if I need to look further for the problem. I hauled open the heavy bonnet (spare tyre still bolted on, so it takes some doing), checked the water (needed), oil (clean and fine) and brake fluid (perfect) - and to my surprise was able to identify just about everything else I saw in the engine bay! Not bad for a chick, hey... :)

But after this I've come to a couple of conclusions:

1. I will probably smell like fuel and oil for a long time to come.

2. My nails used to be gorgeous - they're unlikely to be for the forseeable future. Hands are still the same shape and size - but they're likely to sport a few regular cuts and nicks for a while.

3. I like my ingrained grease. As one of those horribly self-sufficient-and-loving-it types, it's good to know I can get to grips with something mechanical and come out on top. One does get dirty though.

4. I'm going to be spending a lot less time staring at computer screens. This is truly the beginning of a new direction in our lives. And it's about jolly time too. (But as my work involves a lot of computer screens, I'll be back to regular mindless blogging once the holiday ends)

5. Random bruises appear pretty regularly. Dunno from what. Stiff muscles I can trace though.

6. I will never again climb into a dusty Landy in a white shirt - not even to lock the back doors or bend over the front seat. There's a reason all those outdoor and overland types wear khaki... :)

7. Cool cars attract visitors. One young bloke has dropped by every day to peer in and at her, and offered help "if I ever need anyone to run to town for stuff, or whatever". I've heard of chick-magnets - is this one a bloke-magnet?

With all my fiddling in the beast, I found "historical dust" all over. The kind that comes from going places, seeing things, having adventures. I almost don't want to clean it out. I'll probably leave it for a bit longer and ponder why - unless something I need to work on is caked therein. (If you're into analyzing brains, give that one a shot!)

Day one behind me. Tomorrow I dig in a bit further to the experience of Being a (Series III) Landy Person, and get Oliva back on the road (we hope).