Ladies, Start Your Engines!

I did it! I got Olivia going again*! Woah.... no wonder it snowed this week.

This afternoon will be spent practicing a bit of driving. She takes some getting used to with turning circle, gears and brakes. She's idling a little low, so I have to watch that she doesn't stall. There's also a very nasty habit of mine to get rid of - that of putting my car in neutral down hills! Not going to work in Olivia, AT ALL!!!

This evening I'm meeting up with a few Landy and Overland folk. And, unlike last week's appointment, I ain't gonna turn up in a Ford if I can help it. So the practice this afternoon will be "with intent" - I have quite a hill to descend and re-ascend to get there and back.

But she's going! She starts! She runs! First greasy-hands job done! And suddenly I have a lot more confidence to tackle the rest.

*With all thanks to my Chief Advisor, Thomas - who will probably one day get sick of me asking for his advice and tell me to go jump in the lake or fly a kite.... :-)

Unfortunately, as much confidence as I may be building to tackle things mechanical, gaining the confidence driving her is proving difficult. Her brakes work - but not too well, and I kinda live on the top of a mountain.

I don't think I'm going to get it right in time to brave taking her out in traffic, down the steep slope and to the gathering this evening. I'm still stalling her while I seek gears, struggling to get up even small inclines, and getting used to how heavy she is.

I hate to say it, but this Landy person is probably going to turn up in the Ford again tonight.... Perhaps by the next gathering I'll have got it right.