Landy People

Last night we were honoured to be invited to a meal with Wouter & Tanya and Pim & Thandie. They both turned up in orange-yellow vehicles, both the type that would make you do a double-take - but Pim & Thandie's one even more so!

Looking at it, you'd think "not a Land Rover" - unless you knew Landies, and knew that theirs was a 101 Forward Control, and that there were only 500 ever made. (And unless you can't read the giant Land Rover thing on the side...) Then you'd not only do a double-take at this massive beast hurtling down the road toward you, but you'd make sure you get some serious photography in! :) Which I did - but not having my camera cable here, uploads will have to wait see below.

Wouter's is a Series II. Lovingly maintained and with brakes that actually work - contrary to popular belief about Series vehicles. I may need to bend his ear when Olivia arrives, considering I kinda live on a mountain and brakes would be useful to have.

Vehicles aside, it was great to meet these guys and hear a bit of Landy talk. They have stories to tell of adventures far and near, of bush maintenance, of the things they drive and love. Although I'm still an almost-Landy owner (she arrives either today or tomorrow!), I can see I'm going to enjoy hanging around folk like this. I'm an emerging enthusiast (trying to be nice to Toyota drivers), learning as I go and with a long steep slope of knowledge ahead left to climb! But I'm an enthusiast nonetheless.

It was a bit of a drive to get there in the Ford - dinner was in Noordhoek, an hour from where I live. So we only got to spend 2 hours there (the same amount of time as we needed to travel in a horribly strong wind along a rather "interesting" coastal road - especially at night). Getting there was straightforward. Getting back in the dark - well, I made one wrong turn. We ended up in a very deserted area near the squatter camp... but got out OK, and quickly.

Late night - bit of a rush this morning to get off to school again with the kid protesting greatly that school sucks. It was worth the trip though. We can make up the sleep time tonight.

So here's to Landy People. Nutcases, all of them. Long may they travel.