Spitbraai Experiments

This is specially for Robert, who is already feeling homesick. I'm hoping to make him sufficiently so that he'll sommer come on home. (It's cooler here too, Robert!)

August 9 is a holiday here in SAfrica - and a group of us are taking the opportunity to try something new. We're attempting a whole-lamb spitbraai! Not that any of us know anything about it, other than that it's delicious, and takes a while to cook... But life is a learning curve.

We've found a spitbraai for hire. We've located a sufficiently large/small/just-right lamb and encouraged the supplier to do the necessary to prepare it. We've thrown funds together for both. And now we're figuring out how to do it.

I'm in charge of finding a marinade, or "injectible baste" (anyone own a horse syringe?) - and have thus trawled the Google-Source-Of-All-Knowledge. Came up short, but found someone to email, and a recipe that will work if the expert doesn't get back to me.

After a very, VERY cold week though we're hoping for good weather. It's snowed in un/expected places. Pictures just in show Lesotho looking like the North Pole. Sandton had a dusting, Sutherland is under 30cm (more than in years). It was indeed a good day to be in bed yesterday!

But as nice as all the wonderland-beauty is, we want to BRAAI! So holding thumbs the weather sorts itself out.

Here's where you come in though - I know everyone in SA is a braai expert. Spill your wisdom in the comments and help a few clueless spitbraaiers out, willya?